Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

In order to reserve items you will need to provide us with your name, mailing address, cell number, event site address, event date, and a 50% non-refundable deposit amount with a credit card. This deposit does go toward your total rental charges, and the remaining balance is due when the rental items leave our store. We may need additional information when making reservations that include delivery.

How long can I have my rental items for?
Typically a one-day rental rate will cover three days of possession for the rental items. You are welcome to pickup your rentals one business day before your event and return them one business day after your event. This does not apply to every item, so please confirm pricing on your desired items with an associate. This rental period may be extended on items delivered and picked up by our crew based on available delivery times around your event.
How much does delivery cost?
Each delivery request is quoted based on the distance to the site, the items being rented, the time of delivery and other contributing factors. Our delivery services are considered as “curb-side”, meaning we can unload items from our truck and drop them in one area at street level no more than 100ft from the truck. Any additional distance, stairs or hillsides, doorways, or other obstacles will need to be described to our associate when they are quoting for delivery. We cannot accommodate these scenarios on-site on the day of delivery as every order has been carefully scheduled ahead of time.
What are your delivery hours?

If the staff is available we can arrange for delivery 24 hours a day, but our standard delivery is available between 9am and 4pm Monday – Friday. Additional charges are applied to any deliveries or pickups before or after our standard times and anytime Saturday or Sunday.

Do you offer setup and breakdown services?
We can provide labor services to setup and breakdown your rental items in addition to the basic delivery charges. This service must be scheduled at least 7 days in advance in order to accommodate the additional time on-site. Please have a site-plan/drawing available to our crew for setup services. Some items that require special care or training, such as tents and dance floors, include the setup and breakdown labor in the rental charges.
Can we leave our rental items out overnight to avoid after hours charges?
Once our rental items are in your possession you are responsible for their security and condition. We charge for all damaged and missing items, so please ensure that you have a secure location to store all your rentals until they can be safely returned to our store.
Do you offer insurance/damage deposits?
We do not offer damage waivers or item insurance for our rental equipment.
What if I end up not needing some of the items I rented and I return them unused?
Due to the nature of the rental business, we cannot give refunds on any item after it leaves the store, whether it was used or not. By reserving an item you have made it unavailable to any other customers for the length of your rental, and so the full rental amount will still be applied.
Do you provide wedding event or coordination services?
Yes and no. Our staff is experienced with the use and versatility of our rental equipment, and so we can offer you a lot of assistance with picking out the right rentals for your event and venue. We can provide rentals for your caterer, florist, music specialist, and venue, but we will not coordinate between these entities. We have a lot of information to help you plan your event and design your setup, but we will not be able to design and assemble things like table linens, centerpieces, lighting effects, or chair ties, for a few examples.
Do you offer quantity discounts?
Unfortunately we cannot offer quantity discounts, as every item we send out has been closely inspected by hand to ensure that it is clean and ready to rent. Our largest orders get exactly the same treatment and attention to detail as our smallest.
Is there a minimum order requirement to reserve equipment?
We don’t require any minimum rental amount to be met to make a reservation or to qualify for delivery services.
Does the equipment need to be cleaned before it is returned?
Most of our items must be returned cleaned and in the same packaging they were sent out in. Many of our items include cleaning instructions to assist you. Please wipe off tables and chairs if they have visible soils before returning them to the store. Linens rentals do not need to be returned to the store cleaned (see instructions for linen returns below). All items returned with excessive soils or residues will be subject to a cleaning charge.
Do I need to wash the linens?

Please do not wash the rental linens before you return them to the store. Place your used linens in a loose bag left open to prevent mildew development. Difficult stains that require extra cleaning (ex. Chocolate, heavy oils, grass, ink) will be subject to a cleaning fee of $4.00 per linen. All linens returned with damage (tears, burns, thread pulls) or with stains that cannot be removed (wax, some inks, tape residue) will be charged full replacement value of the linen.